Organize your twitter lists
The app is no longer available :(
We are working on Tweequer 2.0 :)
Find, Follow & List
Here is the deal, you meet somebody, you follow them and you lose them. Wouldn't it be great if you could add them to a list at the same time?

We have solved exactly that. Search for people, follow them and put them in to a list. All with just a few taps.

If you're a twitter addict like us, you want to get the most from your twitter stream.
Chances are, your timeline and lists got very messy over time.
Organize Them All
Tweequer gives you full control over your lists and friends on a single screen. Reorganize, add, remove, modify, unfollow, delete without a trace, and lots more.
Tweak Individual Lists
A list is like a story. And stories need be fresh. With Tweequer, you can modify members in any of your lists, or create a new list and put some people there too.
Tweak Individual Friends
Find yourself reading some people more often then others? With tweequer you can scroll through or search the list of your friends and assign them to a list individually.

iOS5 Twitter Integration
Tweequer fully integrates with your iOS5 twitter accounts.
With zero configuration, and no passwords to type in, you can start using the app straight away.

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